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Bathhouse vat! What is this?

Vaping vat outdoor


 This is a huge difference with a bath – in the process of soaring, you breathe fresh air and do not warm your head.

Heat is distributed from bottom to top

It is this soaring that is considered useful and correct. The stove is installed under the vat. Thus, the water is heated from the bottom up.

Meeting point: strength, vivacity and relaxation

The bathhouse vat comfortably accommodates up to 10 people. For convenience, the bathhouse vat is equipped with coasters and a floating table.

New sensations time after time

Steaming in bathhouse vat is year-round and each season has its own peculiarities for enjoyment. Discover new unique sensations every time!

How is the vat arranged?

How is the vat arranged?

What bathhouse vat do we supply?

Small Bathhouse Vat
Medium Bathhouse Vat
Big Bathhouse Vat
Банный чан на поставке

Bathhouse vat on a stand

The most compact option for attaching a bathhouse vat. Fits into any exterior.

Банный чан на бревнах

Bathhouse vat on logs

This design looks very unusual and fits perfectly into the exteriors of buildings in the Celtic or ethnic style.

Банный чан с печью

Bathhouse vat with oven

The ovens will allow you to heat the vat to the steaming temperature in just 1 hour. Particularly suitable for families with small children. Our ovens have a water jacket, so it is impossible to get burned on them.

Банный чан с подогревом от костра

Bathhouse vat heated by a bonfire

Soaring in a bathhouse vat heated from a fire looks incredible. Baths are equipped with special fire bowls and (if necessary) a windscreen.

How much does a bathhouse vat cost?

The final price will depend on the selected configuration, because. The bathhouse may vary in size, type of installation and type of heating.

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